I search far and wide yet know not what to seek. I adhere to no one yet embrace all close to me. I BE.long to no family no society no party no doctrine no belief except to too much 2LOVE.

It is Not, OK

It is Not OK in this land of dodge but 1st take someone’s last & un-deliver promises made beneath the line of always looking 4 such low lying fruit. It is Not OK for pastors, lenders, bankers erstwhile poli-tricksters (just to name us few) cued 2 grasp our dreams then run w/them through a valley of no certain death 2 all deceivers. It is Not OK for this disappointment upon disappointment upon disappointment upon disappointment upon disappointment upon disappointment piled upon so many justified curses called on those who “thou shalt not steal” unless it’s needless to say become a very necessary life strategy. It is Not OK. But how 4 do no less where e go be me screwing you screwing me as we

Migration Blues

“Je préfère mourir sur la mer que de voir ma mère pleurer (I prefer to die at sea than see my mother cry)”. —a contemporary Ivorian saying Last month, I had the good fortune of attending a workshop held in the Nouvel African Queen hotel in Assinie, Ivory Coast. The three-day workshop, entitled Governance, Migration and Social Media in Sub-Saharan Africa: Challenges and Prospects, was hosted by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung office in Abidjan. The main thrust of the event was for participants to collectively come to a better understanding of migration trends and issues within (and beyond) West Africa, with a view to comprehend the enormity of illegal migration, as well as the implications it ha

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