Can’t breathe won’t breathe don’t breathe in dumb weight of other people’s opinions can’t breathe won’t breathe don’t breathe over and out goes might just do this can’t breathe won’t breathe don’t breathe on top of everything else to do with can’t breathe won’t breathe don’t, breathe.

Who Rules the Waves?

“The future is not good at all” - Papa Panyin I want to share a little of what has been proving to be rather troubled reflections on the contemporary making of ‘modern’ Ghana. Now, what I wish to share here is mostly based on a bunch of hunches rather than some reliable evidence that can be validated and/or replicated through method. In fact, it is really about a series of questions, which have come to plague my conscience of late; namely one, which is: Who rules the waves? By this, I first wish to use the term “waves” metaphorically to think about who governs the groundswell of ideological, political, sociocultural, intellectual, economic and so on, sprays of Ghana’s passage into a rather n

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