Signs and Wonders

Bring me your signs and wonders that yellow glow that simmers brilliantly below the cover of mundane no goes. Bring me your signs and wonders for I make sure that all of you know just how to glow. Bring me your signs and wonders tucked deep in your chests, those places of restless you must confess. Bring me your signs and wonders, the unseen, undone, unfounded mystic all refuse to flow so many no shows. Bring me your signs and wonders for I’m the keeper of many tomorrows, especially those in which hope not only grows, but also crows those many signs on which you ponder with no indication of the wonder you can bestow.

The Shade of Trees

Steadfast are we when we sit down under the shade of our own trees we planted, nurtured, watered, & pruned into the just life we wish to see. And for those who have no patience, this is surely the place to be.

The Politics of Storytelling

Now suppose I’ve managed to convince you perhaps that yes, we control the world because we can cooperate flexibly in large numbers. The next question that immediately arises in the mind of an inquisitive listener is: How, exactly, do we do it? What enables us alone, of all the animals, to cooperate in such a way? The answer is our imagination. We can cooperate flexibly with countless numbers of strangers, because we alone, of all the animals on the planet, can create and believe fictions, fictional stories. And as long as everybody believes in the same fiction, everybody obeys and follows the same rules, the same norms, the same values. - Yuval Noah Hariri My intention for this Pa Gya sessio

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