Why I’m (fun)Employed

It’s been almost two years since I came off the beaten track of full-time employment and relocated to Accra to be closer to my mum. And when I decanted from the hamster wheel of paid employ, I had no clear idea of what I was going to do for work while here. But this for me was just fine. For a change, I did not want my job to be what dominated my experience of relocation. I did not want yet another job to be how I spent the majority of my day, or to be where my prime circle of influence would lie, while living in Ghana. I strongly felt this way because this had been my reality umpteen times before, whenever I relocated for work. Now, this time around, my intention was to explore the employme

On Seeking and Parallel Universe…s

What you seek is seeking you. - Rumi I woke up this morning to a tweet sent to me by a beloved sister-friend, who knows of my penchant for things weird science. I also woke up this morning in a lull, contemplating on how I was going to start the day with energy that I was not yet feeling. I thought of how, I’d switched off my alarm—exactly 53 minutes ago—thus, annulling my recent resolution to be up by 7.00, ready to start my day with meditation, writing, and a keen determination to brighten up myself from within the midst of my plenty, plenty, plenty dark thoughts. Instead, I’d succumbed (again) to the need to keep my eyes closed, my body asleep, and me far away from what feels like the har

Mother's Tongue

lost left it behind in some nfikyire that far place you know aburokyire a promise-land B4 & even εnnεmire it’s there you find my Twi self w/no abusuafie

Coddiwompling, from Incoherence to Paradigm Shift

If you ask me, the world is in need of a paradigm shift, one where we no longer breed billions of foot soldiers for this single-file march toward infinite growth as progress. But how does one begin to make a shift such as this? I’d say by transforming one’s own self, first. And this is the hardest part of all, as it must include delinking from existing capitalistic mechanisms, while coddiwompling—traveling toward an unknown ideal, without a clue of how to unravel the deep lock of a system that has been operating for longer than one’s lifetime. And the challenge is not even that of learning to live without some of the many material wants and needs, within a very colonial matrix of power. It i

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