Sleep Tight

I seep so deep within my sleep & there I find my soul still keeps. And yet I know I’ve no day glow, It’s been this way, so low, so low. But in the night I lose my fright & softly sink into respite. So come with me, dear friend, you’ll see this therapy— guess what, it’s free.

Dear Diary Rambling

Living as I do of late has been both a revelation and a covering up of potential, seen through my frightened attempts to renege myself of responsibility for non-other than my writerly self. That I have access to an—albeit erstwhile—genius, is of no doubt. But what I need further clarity on, is how I must use this precious source of art and beauty to illuminate my life and perhaps yours too. And as I mull over all of that impossible this, I realize too that we are in a time of smoke and mirrors, where our desire for the material is a mirror reflecting the masquerade that is our lives, as we rush into the bravado of “it’s still not anything like a brave new world”. Instead, here we are living

Wait—Twist Fate

It's never too late to twist your fate, yes, stop the weight of life's not great, so then berate berate berate. Instead you must become sedate and through it all, do meditate to open up that liminal gate, with no debate, just sit— & wait, & wait & wait. And this you do without a clue on how to hew a life more true for you, yes, you and you and you. For there's so few who can accrue faith, to pop up out-of-the-blue, for unseen pews to wot a view! Who knew, the view the view the view!

Freedom2BE—A Life Strategy for Lost Time

I am honoring myself; therefore, I do more of what gives me joy. ~ Kenneth Soares (Insight Timer meditation) Seven years ago, I was shaken by the feeling that I was living in someone else’s life. It was a good life no doubt. In fact, it was one that I’d crafted by my very own hands. It was a life that had led me into the benevolent arms of the Qatar Foundation, where I worked for three and a half years with ROTA. It was a life replete with a great salary, alongside some pretty impressive benefits that included paid for housing, a car allowance, funds toward an annual flight home (or anywhere else for that manner), and a happy birthday email sent to me by HR every year. It was a life filled w

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