Eleemosynary Expression

Words are my anchor: tethering me l oo se ly to sanity in notions of 'Love', 'kindness' and 'equanimity'— shaking me so vio — — l — ent — — — — — — — — — --l — — -y, when I think of 'pain', 'rage' and 'wickedness', even as they humour me with witty is the 'foolishness' the'silly'andthesublimely'ridiculous', while holding me to order with their serious intentions in 'prompt', 'proper', ‘precise’—ever so 'persnickety'. And yes, they’re just killing me softly in these multitude lyricist moments that simultaneously fix and free me on a sea of their paragraphed sentences, where sometimes it’s calm—in a serene scene of smoothly conjoined constructions, drifting gently up to soft and silky shores o

Reluctant Ode

I did not know you very well. I did not think much when you fell. But this I know, ‘tis true ‘tis true: You should have whizzed and zipped right through. I did not want to feel so swell. I did not care to also dwell. But this I know, ‘tis true ‘tis true: You had to get your due on cue. I must not crow with glee they say. I rather should be made to pay. But this I know, ‘tis true ‘tis true: My patience failed, so splat! Not shoo! I cannot see my sins and pray. In fact, this victory’s made my day. But this I know, ‘tis true ‘tis true: Your body’s laid out flat like glue. And now ‘tis said I’m made of frost. I shed no tear for one life lost. But this I know, ‘tis true ‘tis true: I would repeat

What If?

What if we’re all breathing several lives simultaneously & so your pain reaches out……………………………2 my joy (or vice versa………………………….); making us at once always in bittersweet existence.

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