No Thought, No Thinker

no memories, no words for that’s how they’re spurred to stampede, such a hefty herd, no memories, no words no words, no thoughts a top lesson that’s taught to avoid being distraught no words, no thoughts no thoughts no thinker give sheer stress the finger to let not anxiety linger no thoughts no thinker no thinker no identification ‘cos here’s when it’s all suffocation into ‘me vs. you’, our separation, no thinker, no identification no identification, no me this really does set you free towards a way to always BE no identification, no me

Be Zen

Be Zen: remove your mind from daily life be sure to dump all of the strife for it will cut you like a knife. Breathe Out. Be Zen: since there’s no happiness external all smiling comes from joy internal and therein lies a knowledge kernel. Breathe In. Be Zen: as now, you know, it’s all too clear there’s many a thing for you to fear to cap it all, death could be near. Breathe Out. Be Zen: imagine calm, a mellow scene with sights and sounds oh-so-serene a prana pure for you to glean. Breathe In.

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