No More

We drown in things just for our sins a box a chair lots more in there from the inane through to profane we shop we shop it’s all very vain but still we buy and it’s insane. We jump each day into the fray a job a gig now do your jig from 9 to 5 through must survive we grasp we grasp too much we strive for year on end till no more drive. I say enough of work for stuff the chore the bore in employ to abhor from the pay is nice through it won’t suffice I quit I slice out of this vice refuse with my being to pay such price. I’ll pick and choose nothing to lose my life my choice must have a voice from doubt through to absolutely no clout I write I paint all to acquaint with my own damn self no mor

What Use Are flowers?

how not to make a living of any sort I am so pleased to say that I’ve found it: the thing that gives me such great joy! And its name is Art. It’s the pleasure in painting, photography, sketching, image making, the imagining of futures and so much that I am yet to discover that I can do. And all it took to find it, was a few recent chance encounters with artistic types, as well as some plentiful soul searching, meditation, and a whole lot of do nothing. Be still. And try not to listen to any of the usual noise about accomplishment on planet earth, what mother wants you to do, what the well-to-do neighbor is doing but you are not, plus a laundry list of media microaggressions cloaked as perfec

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