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July 29, 2020

I’ve been ready

for this end

from far too long



death meets me

and I fight


holding on to so many


of you

and this hard-won house,

with much money spent in

sweat and discontentment,


these things I drown in

tons & tons of this and that – fill in,

all blank,


July 1, 2020

My, oh my, do I

heat up of late

must be the menopause

picks up my own heart rate

or else it is this sun

that makes my pores dilate

or this here #GHLiving

which makes even saints irate.

But then, whatever the case,

I'm glad to be in this place

where the coronavirus

is much less in...

June 17, 2020

We drown in things

just for our sins

a box

a chair

lots more in there

from the inane

through to profane

we shop

we shop

it’s all very vain

but still we buy

and it’s insane.

We jump each day

into the fray

a job

a gig

now do your jig

from 9 to 5

through must survive

we grasp

we grasp

too muc...

May 20, 2020

My house burnt down

but I don’t see the moon

I know it shines really bright,

but it’s just far too soon

to say everything's okay,

because this loss is truly a boon.

Since the world’s come apart

into sheer doom and gloom

we’re all in this big fight

where nature wants to bloom


March 25, 2020

Remember Doctor Foster in Gloucester?

Then, do sing along.

Dr. Philosopher
was such a pompous-Sir,
and he was such a bane
he lived in a bubble
and earned over double
of what an average man did so gain

Dr. Philosopher
was quite an arse-licker
for him, there was loads to g...

March 11, 2020


you, Bukowski, is

pure inspiration—in

turn of phrase,

w/ emotion laced

angst all over the place

in the open


of your prolific prose




sheer grace

in the face


don’t know what’s becoming of me


& yet, I thank you

for now

I remember—

I’m slowly lear...

March 4, 2020

How do I see



I don't, for

I am missing


at the


of this life unlived

of this story untold

of this destiny unfated

of this truth unveiled

in all its



as I'm so far from freedom

so close to

my own


where my heart beats hard against

a rib...

February 26, 2020

no memories,

no words

for that’s how

they’re spurred

to stampede, such a hefty herd,

no memories,

no words

no words,

no thoughts

a top lesson

that’s taught

to avoid being distraught

no words,

no thoughts

no thoughts

no thinker

give sheer stress

the finger

to let not anxiety linger

no tho...

February 19, 2020

Be Zen:

remove your mind from daily life

be sure to dump all of the strife

for it will cut you like a knife.

Breathe Out.

Be Zen:

since there’s no happiness external

all smiling comes from joy internal

and therein lies a knowledge kernel.

Breathe In.

Be Zen:

as now, you know, it’...

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