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  • Akosua Biraa

One Note Symphony

I am my own symphony


into a chorus of



scattered across the globe.

It is with


that I take each small step

in a truth

of hot coals and laughter.

For “I am

totally f(un)-employed,”

while I chant

this affirmation

to my self-doubt and determination.

It is a story

telling itself into new becoming

of starts and stutters,

those utter stutters of life


as it will,

struggling to be,


I am my own symphony:

one note—"turn on, tune in, drop out!”

one note—charting course of no-none-sense

one note—speaking its own true social death

one note—scoring, from self-orchestrated rock-bottom-soaring.

So, this is it:

life unfolding as it will

when it won’t be

chain ganged

in the common sense of destinations known.

This is it,

unhinged in fuzzy landscapes

of half drawn portraits of me (w/ or w/o you)



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