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  • Epifania Amoo-Adare

Un-Disciplined Love of Knowledge(s)

I refuse to be disciplined, you know what I mean: fixing myself in nitpicky niches of sociology, anthropology, psychology, history and all those the-older-the-better knowledge enclaves, which we have been primed to venerate.

I also decline to locate myself in the commitments to ethnic studies, women’s studies, migration studies, postcolonial studies or other such hard-won efforts to transform a dire scientific status quo.

And yes, this might make me suspect; however, I must also insist that my objection is neither that of a blatant disregard for those much-needed oppositional stances nor a disrespect for Eurocentric categories of reason. Instead, it is more about my pure and intense LOVE of knowledge(s) without—and beyond—borders.

Here, I speak of my yearning for a pluriversal world of knowledges with their numerous iterations within the vast arenas we tend to describe as traditional, cultural, popular, literary, academic and so forth, with their million-and-one-denotations (ambiguous “floating signifiers”) that are so open to meaning making and breaking, plus their many intricacies, interstices, flutters and fluid fluctuations across a plethora of rational limitations set out to capture us through comprehension; thus, locking us down into common sense that is not common, into many mis-re-presentations of realities, into tidy analytical frameworks, and ultimately into paradigmatic power moves that often masquerade as the Truth.

It is for these many simple reasons that I abdicate from all known scholarly affiliations, while also adhering to almost every one of them, simultaneously.

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