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  • Akosua Biraa


Headlines depress love, thyself, and thy neighbor

How to sell a massacre. Dozens killed in attacks on Burkina Faso villages. The rapid spread of the new coronavirus in China and beyond. 30 people burnt to death in Kintampo-Tamale road crash. Trial opens for murder of 298 on flight MH17. Six inmates die as prison riots over coronavirus rules grip Italy. Mom gets life for BEHEADING her daughter, 5, because she ‘asked for cereal’. Generation Hate. ‘It’s crazy’: Panic buying forces stores to limit purchases of toilet paper and masks. Crises are fueling the global arms trade. The BJP has incited hatred it can no longer stop. U.S.-Taliban deal aimed to promote peace raises prospect of Taliban takeover. All you need to know about latest Saudi crackdown in 500 words. Billionaire Bunkers: How the 1% are preparing for the apocalypse. Invisible to everyone, but safe together: Life in a labour colony. What will you remember at the end of your life?


I can’t get out



this it’s so heavy



I am not


I am not


I am not


I am not—

enough is enough

we can shift reality

we will transform ourselves

& the entire history of coloniality

that weighs

down upon us

one binary


at a time:

“me vs. you”

“us vs. them”

“his vs. hers”

“ours vs. theirs”

“this vs. that”

—for it is not us to be this

bloody system

blood-filled system

blood thirsty system

blood floods, our lives, into the system

of clockwork operators

& we are not even mere cogs

within the system;

it’s why

my soul


for release out into the beyond—a field where we are

no longer in

wrong doing


right doing

but just doing what comes not-so

easily to the skin—


thy neighbor as thyself.

But then I

do not even love



what then

of my neighbor?

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