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  • Akosua Biraa

I See, the Moon

photo of night sky in Accra

My house burnt down

but I don’t see the moon

I know it shines really bright,

but it’s just far too soon

to say everything's okay,

because this loss is truly a boon.

Since the world’s come apart

into sheer doom and gloom

we’re all in this big fight

where nature wants to bloom

and the tables turn,

for our extinction sure does loom.

Now in an all-time low

no longer do we croon,

for our material blight,

when dead numbers make us swoon—

not tens, but millions lay,

lives gone a tad too soon.

Oh yes, my house burnt down

for me to see la lune.

And with its dazzling light

out comes the whole commune,

for between me and you

our worries we must prune.

Since it’s a brand-new day,

no longer can we consume

all things from left to right

“it’s mine”, we did presume.

Life’s become much simpler now,

as back-to-basics resume.

And with this new-found wise,

perhaps we’re not immune

to the pure power of now

in which we hear merry tunes

of birds that sing all day,

to such great-&-good fortune.

For our grand house burnt down,

sky’s clear,

we are with moon.

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