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  • Akosua Biraa

Creative Song

Lucky Cat, Orange & I - mixed media by A.B. Godfreed

My, oh my, do I

heat up of late

must be the menopause

picks up my own heart rate

or else it is this sun

that makes my pores dilate

or this here #GHLiving

which makes even saints irate.

But then, whatever the case,

I'm glad to be in this place

where the coronavirus

is much less in our face

we get to stay alive

albeit not at our own pace

thank God for bare sunshine

it is our saving grace.

And still these nerves

sure quake

there’s far too much

at stake

see friends can fall here too

as much as we do bake

so, then, we fear a lot

as this could be our last break.

It’s why the creative arts

is what I choose to do

write this and paint, yes, that

artistic focus to accrue

it lifts my spirits up

which helps with all the blues

days filled with colour and words

sweet songs of life anew.

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