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  • Akosua Biraa

das kapital + I = no show

i’m not dying without

my flow in tow, no go

it’s why, i’ve shifted gears

right down to this slo-mo

yes, lo and behold

this girl refuses—won’t go

i’ve stopped mid-track

skip one rat race, just so

true talk, my existence is

some kind of drift-n-drag

and my potential to fail

is most defiantly, no gag

and should in case you think

i’m being a little too known

why, sure, i lose in das kapital

& my finances are all blown

instead, i sit and wait—

there’s no paper, when 9-5’s overthrown

what to expect from trees on which

money is never grown

still, i be—chill, in art and awe,

plus doing things that I adore

i fit dey enjoy, oh hell, even

some plenty bliss might score

this is why, I stoop to conquer so

for seeds of silence, I do sow

and like i said, for me and jobbing, no go

i choose to die with my entire flow in tow

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