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  • Akosua Biraa


crazy sad existence if we’d tell

the truth has gone to stay

nowhere on this burning-drowning-sinking, planetary extinction

where volition surrenders

to man eats woman eats child eats cow

eats grass, it’s ozone layer going, going


is this land of freedom, in which

we just keep cultivating a convoy obsessed

crop of mannerless insecurity

seated in high places

full of pompous commands,

terrified of being found w/o real power,

yet, determining our future

and we, some chosen few, a little connection wise

acquire the privilege of being treated as suspect

w/ bribe-full incapability

but still skipping a lowly station, such is

access, through those hallways—incomplete, constitutional deterioration,

trampling on other’s rights to fair & equal treatment

it's everyday corruption—that dangerous dance of

not who you know

but rather who knows you

who no longer wishes to live

in this crude credibility—only way

to ensure creature comforts

we’re all caught up in these demo-crazy cycles of spin

set on fear and resentment

below the veneration of haves

by have-nots and a sea of wannabe-haves

all abandoning their daily wages in long lines

for basic services

leisure lost in place

never found, aside from in the laps

of those ‘fat cats’ don't know what to do

w/ poor folk’s vulnerabilities

except to horde and horde and horde and horde

some more, should in case they too must lose out

but all the people


plenty worry

of no food to eat

of no place to live

of no work to do

of no middle class (the buffer zone)—it’s passé

of no, what-if there's no more ex-gratia, gluttonous grace

in this terminal illness: terms and conditions

of limp leadership always apply

let's call it nation building

a gully so deep

even our souls lay hidden

beneath 65 years of independence corpsing

the rest in pieces, defying death duly

in the absence of good money

follows bad


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