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No Obstacle, Just Way


you are

the obstacle

and the path too,


then, get out

of your own damned way

w/ realization


none of your

beliefs/ fears/ desires

are real and

what you have

is always never enough

then, stop

pretending to exist—particularly

w/ fear


it, constant

regret, doubt, and disappointment

the ultimate Teflon,

witness your pain—no identification

then, do

the same thing

w/ joy


the full absurdity

of existence,

and the illusion—even of the absurdity

then, know

the real what-is

w/ freedom


where you are

already, here and now,

pilgrimage to authentic Godself

cannot be reached in duality

then, empty

your mind to the beyond

w/ stillness


that between

is and is not,

there's no distinction

in truth

then, realize

you are no—thing at all

w/ I thought

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