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  • A.B. Godfreed

Rant for Loving Consciousness

Yes, I know that there is a general crisis of leadership in this world: a loss of integrity, a loss of service to the people, a loss of principles, a loss of honesty, a loss of sacrifice for the common good, a loss of generosity, a loss of knowledge and wisdom, and so many other losses that it makes your head hurt in disbelief and deep frustration.

More than anything else, there has also been a loss of the value and dignity of every single human being; a loss of our humanity.

The WE-ness of it all.

The let go of the Ego, because I am not alone; I am not some island of exceptional self-importance, amidst a sea of nothing of consequence.

Instead, we are in fact most fundamentally linked together by genetic code and spiritual essence, and for this reason we have to seek each other out with love unconditional and oh so divine.

Caritas, Agape, Karuna, Adoe—call it what you will, but whatever it is, we know that it does not let us take the easy road. It rather requires the hard task of making sacrifices to become better versions of ourselves.

And this is an enterprise worth fighting (and perhaps even dying) for.

And by better I do not refer to the current hierarchy of differentiation amongst us, but rather think of a better goodness that lets each of our little lights shine bright, as we transform this world with consciousness and a whole lot of Love.

This, even as we know that all will not be tranquil; that we would need to be disciplined and true with ourselves and others; that we would need to out deception and cunning, not so that we feel good about our ability to point to the liars – but more because we are helping each other be tender versions of our selves for us all.

Imagine then an immeasurable sense of us as we can be, so lucid, generous, bright, wise, beautiful, giving, loving, encouraging, absent of avarice, supple to Love, prayerful, grateful, conscientious of each other, kinder to our souls (especially our own), aware of our infinitely intelligent spirits housed by bodies that must age to teach us the humility of life.

Yes, I too long for what IS not only possible, but that which is inevitable: for it bubbles endlessly, waiting for us to acknowledge our truer forms of existence, so chaotic, perpetual, raw and embracing of our intertwined eternal transformation.

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