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  • Akosua Biraa

Say What!?!

When they ask me

what I've been doing

‘cos inevitably

nosy will,

I’ll not cower in my




landing w/o running

traveling w/o moving

participating w/o knowing

the teaching

for this monastery of life's not calling

so must do nothing

amid insults to the heart

and where is the love

in all


illegitimate being

when unable to abide in the self

through no love lost


displays in 3D slow-mo

popularity stakes


caught up in the dark

night of no soul

mojo’s left the building

while I flounder

deep amidst

doubt &

unknown depths of uncertainty

where belief has no place

on the road to hell

is paved

with Fan ice and sugary drinks

are on


don't know what to do

in some divine matrix

never ready

4 the truth of who I am /be/are

beyond the pale of my


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