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  • Akosua Biraa

Tag—you're it too!

We are all in

this mess together

this mass psychosis

this part of the problem


a psychotic desperation

to look normal

follow the herd

conform in



inability to function w/o facades

all in, or out, for self


such life-sucking social order.

Poof-Pow, be gone

w/ endless days of no shows

of understanding

compassion fail

righteousness alerts

while we weigh in

on each other’s breakdowns

virtue signals in overdrive,

but can we be better being

bereft of leadership

(the “servant” kind)

drowning in flocks of fanatic followers

many a Pied Piper pontificating

on nothing but a series of memories

(dead things)

on top of made-up memories

(deader things still)

overlaid by even more dolled up delusions

of who’s right

in this thick of truth thievery

& tomfoolery.

This is no awareness:

all judgments

all condemnation

and a lineup of opposites

react in attack mode,

Maya is rife

this world is daylight dreaming

norm-sense, illusion,

nightmare in notion

and we fossils on two legs

fumble in the dark night

of so many sullied souls.

Recognize, please do,

others are your Self

in this full display

of ongoing madness turned to sadness,

we are standing in our own way

yet we have the power

to create

a place of constant goodness

& grace,

so go, be gentle

as we gather together

around our failed and fallen

for in any given time,

tag—you’re it too!

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