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  • Akosua Biraa

The impossible is possible

the impossible is possible

but you must know

the impossible

2 find

the possibility

the impossible is in relation

with the possible

even as their relationship

is not possible

but if it is impossible

then it is possible

so why always obsess on what’s possible

never, what’s impossible

when what’s possible is very small


little possibility

your mind thinks possibility

only gradually

about marking time

through one process or another

but the moment you think

in terms of time

it’s not possible

so don’t admit anything to temperance

it must be done now


within the greatness of all impossibility

and your action in direct relation


see it

feel it

taste it

know it

overstand it

beyond your tiny titchy window

onto heaven on earth

where everything is translated through

little minds


little hearts

look again, without that window, at such infinite

I don’t know!

the immense not possible

resides in impossibility

just as you do

the unfathomable found in


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