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  • Akosua Biraa

Weaving incredible stories


I sing the body reclining

A bundle of bones

The lolling breast

Even the undeserving

Stars are the nipples

of angels

The black persistent blooming

I add our butter love


Granny please comb my hair

Oooh I’m going to break/dance

How can I persuade it

to rite a poem/

reclaim the sands

heavy-booted little footsteps

a specimen

whose heart is in the dust


Maybe I lying

Dis ya she country

butter mountains

an de sky blue

Because she has come

the back-home politician-drone

they want a little black blood

of our fondest secrets

This piece is composed solely out of phrases taken randomly from Grace Nichols’s (1989) “Lazy Thoughts of a Lazy Woman: and other poems”. It is yet another classic piece of work from this award-winning Guyanese-British poet. In it, Nichols touches on all sorts—from the mundane to the magical.

I bought this book absolutely years ago and really enjoyed reading it, back then, alongside other collections by Nichols such as “I is a long memoried woman” (1984) and “The Fat Black Woman’s Poems” (1986). I think you will enjoy it too, especially Nichols’s use of Guyanese Creole that highlights Caribbean-British culture and connection.

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