• Akosua Biraa

whereas the galaxy deserves better

I woke from sleep

to write my father

emptiness swallowed me up

as if an earthquake

I want to stop the war

no calm or peace or future

digs and digs

its own grave

I fight to escape

inside my body


don’t want to go to the ugly places

we brought this hell upon ourselves

“Catastrophic Molting”

the sick


hot in the sky

today’s decision is certain:

facing an intersection of alleys

where is the silence / the / stop !

now, I am longing

This piece is composed solely out of phrases taken randomly from “Catastrophic Molting”, a poetry compilation by Amy Shimshon-Santo (2022) and published by FlowerSong Press.

I am looking forward to digging deep into this delightful gift, from the author herself. It is a true offering of her love and brilliance, imbued in the poetry. It was also a joy to commune with Amy and other brilliant writers at this year’s Pa Gya! A Literary Festival in Accra. Poetry was everywhere, inscribed in so much joy and laughter.

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