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Something's Wrong

August 12, 2015



I tell you 

something's off, 


in the way we are in this world. 


Can't you see it 


the artless uni-visions, 

erasing diverse ontologies?


Can't you hear it 


the pregnant lies, 

birthing foul songs of woe?


Can't you taste it 


the blood, 

running free from blows-

one steady fist upon face?


Can't you smell it 


the misfits' flesh

roasting from righteous indignation?


Can't you feel it 


the untold wounds, 

emptying our souls?


Can't you sense it 


the hope cries, 

vacating our indifference?


Something's off, 

I tell you, 

in this day-2-night of the living death about us. 


Something's wrong, 

I tell you, 

this heart knows. 


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