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A.B. Godfreed's Prosetry & Pic(k)s

Dear Reader,


This here, A.B. Godfreed's Prosetry & Pic(k)s, is my humble offering to you of my torrid and long-term love affair with writing, be that of fictional or factual texts. For me, there is nothing quite like writing, with its particular power and infinite hold on me - even when I have treated it with blatant disregard for months on end.


Writing keeps me sane in every moment. It gives me pause from insanity and pain, as it carries my anguish in its well-ordered structures that shape my various wild flights of fancy into coherent thoughts and occasional perfect pitch. Writing is freedom! Writing is a certain labour of Love. Writing woos me time and time again, reminding me of polyamory: that my words are not to be kept between my notepad and I alone.


They are in fact also for you, Beloved Reader.


This is why I now share with you, here, multiple tales of woe, many intimate moments of joy, seldom but sudden bursts of inspiration, and too those very rare occurrences when the writing transcends far beyond my own mediocre imagination.


In other words, I wish to pictorially proffer some of my "poetry and prose", produced over the past 30 years, plus hopefully well into the promise of the future. These here are my perfect picks just for you. They are basically, precious pieces of heart and soul, which now radiate out to you - scattering into many cellular-level conversations about this thing called life.

with Love,

A.B. Godfreed

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