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My Love Life

Today, in silence, I was riffing on how lucky I have been to draw so many good people into my life (and vice versa); then, I realized I am enough Love for me, and you, and then some.

Now this is what I call bliss.

And truth be told, I stumbled in that moment of realization, just as tears flowed from my eyes. It’s also when my Ego screamed out, “Now what’s this!?!”

I was afraid I would lose sight of my damned self, so I sputtered myself out of that mellow space in which I saw kind face upon kind face come up to me, in my memories of the Love that we have shared with each other: our caring for an existence beyond what is the regular enterprise of dog eat dog eat dog eat dog eat dog, until there is doggedly no more left to eat.

For you see, these our famished souls can never be satisfied by the flesh of ourselves devoured in each other and they certainly cannot be bought outright—even as some of us think this is so.

And yes, my soul is hungry too for what I sometimes do not know.

So this is why I sit and sit (like today), when I remember to sit and sit, without worry, without agitation, without desire and ambition that runs rife through my fight-or-flight DNA.

I sit and sit, reluctantly. But know that it is what is due in this space of transition, in this yellow brick road to destination unknown - upon which I trudge, crawl, hop, skip and run, trusting in this my coddiwomple that is leading me to Love of life.

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