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  • Akosua Biraa

Teaching Kids Poetry

My prep’s

in step

lesson joint

on point

kids in

let’s spin.

I’m fly,

know why!

But wait

a spate

no glee

I see.


and there goes snoring,

not great

in fact, rather unfortunate.

Time, please be done.

So, I can run.

And yet, surprise

small smiles arise

when ding-dong

goes onomatopoeia’s sing song

then melodious metaphor

gets rigorous rhyme up on the floor

alongside hyperbole

who brings in utter simile

while personification

takes hold of alliteration

who’s riffing right on the rhythm beat

& the whole room’s in there, up on their feet

& the fun, Oh Yes, the fun

really, really has now begun.

So, here’s to all’s just A-OK

I pray

I pray

I pray

I pray

‘till phew

I’m threw

it’s our last day.


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