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  • Akosua Biraa

No More

on an intercity train in Germany

We drown in things

just for our sins

a box

a chair

lots more in there

from the inane

through to profane

we shop

we shop

it’s all very vain

but still we buy

and it’s insane.

We jump each day

into the fray

a job

a gig

now do your jig

from 9 to 5

through must survive

we grasp

we grasp

too much we strive

for year on end

till no more drive.

I say enough

of work for stuff

the chore

the bore

in employ to abhor

from the pay is nice

through it won’t suffice

I quit

I slice

out of this vice

refuse with my being

to pay such price.

I’ll pick and choose

nothing to lose

my life

my choice

must have a voice

from doubt

through to absolutely no clout

I write

I paint

all to acquaint

with my own damn self

no more restraint.

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