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  • Akosua Biraa



no longer vested

in petty existence,

no, too, to lofty goals

grandiose delusions

such as thinking—if you don’t hold on

to as much matter as you can

then, you don’t matter

fools you

false security for a person

thinking all the time

has nothing to think about

except thoughts of I

addiction to this defines you

egoholic, mortgaged to the system is

defining is confining the self

so tied up in the mind, lost

all your senses

& there is nothing to do about it

yet something has to be done

when a mere fact is in-deed

a blind alley (don’t be found there)

it leads only to itself

but the truth

opens up a horizon (get lost in this)

it beckons you to the infinite

you are free

because you are

the one


beyond space and time

shifting the locus of consciousness

from facades to the real—it’s that simple,

the former is a mask,

tear it away

disbelieve in it, dissolve all frames of reference

drop their representation

for you can never be captured by limited categories

thus, investigate into you are reality

abide in it


no theory

no dogma

required here & now, simply

seeing w/o eyes; knowing w/o mind; being w/o becoming,

do not speak of this

vast and unbound emptiness

deep inside your very being

in petty existence,

no longer vested,


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