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  • Akosua Biraa

Always Free

You are always free

absolutely liberated

no obstacle

can detain you

nothing can hold you

back so

realize who you are

supreme being


in an eternal mind

of the self

remain present

creative intelligence

re-dreaming the world

w/in the nectar of immortality

death is no more

even as illusion

wake up

from the poison of insanity


all is vanity,

thus, regain sanity

w/ stillness

silence sweeter than slumber

your true nature


reconcile yourself

to your own disappearance

become no—thing

gain freedom from doubt, dread

& the terror of mortality

forego I-thought

it steals you away

from the portal of light in the non-ordinary

feeling of




that transcendent real

which cannot be possessed,

so simply surrender

to this

ultimate goodness,

dive into your heart

for recognition of such


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