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  • Akosua Biraa

Are we there yet?

Re-dream this dream

into consciousness

without I-thought

subject-object duality gone

awareness now aware

of itself

effulgent form

the vanishing point, being

language is always at the root of our misery

point zero.

so do this work, now,

without waiting

without wanting

without longing

without pause:

drop illusion

bad faith

disconnection from essence

buffered by denial;

drop illusion

the idea of otherness

the sense of lack

of power

to live

in truth;


drop all illusion—

for instant cosmic collective action

for the new creation

for a new cosmos

and the fulfillment of all


transformation of suffering into wisdom

in voluntary

return to the one




wade through, be waves and ways

on the pathless land

dissolve ego

become healers of the world


4 lost souls

yet to find the vibrational frequency

of all is


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