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  • Akosua Biraa

Heartbeat’s Reason

Let your heart

guide you

to where your body

will end up or, in fact,

already is

this is what we are

called upon 2 do

w/o doing—simple living,



no purpose

no goal

no objective

no need, no—thing to prove

existence is worthy


baggage (emotional/social/cultural/historical)

all are unnecessary

for this soul mission

called Being

for the world is nothing

its people, nothing too,

so what then of you

some no—body

fighting for plenty nothing

on the daily

when what—is, Self as no—thing,

leaves no trace

after life

except loving kindness,

a resting place

from nothing to no—thing

& back again

ad infinitum

it’s why your heart

is your sole companion,

pump action

for the ego’s dissolution



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