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  • Akosua Biraa

In Truth

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

I am

my own

radar towards radiation

not redemption

non-sanctuary for this seeker

moving inwards

soul searching for

I am


(been ready for long)

yet no teacher

in sight for this student


scrabbling in the dark night of

don't know

how to become convert

confounded in the unraveling

confusion via coddiwomple

confident stumbles into the unknown

other world,

which—yet to be, is possible,

is here, whispering trail notes

I cannot hear

for the din called must keep doing

& doing

& doing

& doing

or I'll die trying

to understand

what is this


purgatory on earth

where I purge pleasure and pain

w/ the disappearance of



return to self

should be easier than



mission is clear

as mud

upon which they say the lotus blooms

but still,

wisdom woos and warns me

to find the ways

that suit each unfolding



mechanisms even

use whatever utilitarian

lingo for sense-making

then drop all

concepts clouding the infinite

w/ identification

for there is none, in truth

a pathless land,

field out there

beyond wrongdoing and right being,

just meet me

there, where

I am.

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