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  • Akosua Biraa

The Way

The Way,

it cannot be grasped

by we worldlings

for it's not an idea

contained in thought

subject-object split

is no use to us


abide in silence

no mind

no body

no ego

vibrational frequency of stillness

no obstacles

(except attachment, let go)

nothing to hold onto

in the phenomenal plane

be w/o intention

totally present


open to what enters

from beyond

open your third eye


w/ no dual vision

beauty is everywhere


our natural state

of being, freedom

allows us to be

everywhere similarly

not limited to earthly matter

& the momentary

is eternal

death has no effect

on the real

so saturate each freeze frame

of being in space-time

w/ emptiness

the dimension above thought

our minds re-dreaming the world

shine in divine


wherever stillness reigns.

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